Founder’s Edition wristbands have sold out!

As of today, the Founder’s Edition wristbands have sold out!  We are always happy to get user feedback, whether suggestions for improvements, questions on functionality, or success stories.  To help users with questions, we are also building a section with answers to frequently asked questions at  .  Some of the feedback we have received so far:  

“Finally, I can hit my 3 wood!”, 

“I set the TEMPO to my own swing speed, and saw results right away…”, 

“Please put this on Shark Tank, it works!”.  (My favorite)

I created this originally to help my own golf game.  I keep a TEMPO clipped to my bag in the carabiner case that it comes with, and use TEMPO every week or two.  Having grooved my swing with TEMPO, it really helps now as a refresher on those days that it feels like you’re swinging a block of wood.

We have continued making improvements based on user feedback, and have streamlined the bands, and are kicking off TEMPO v2.0.  TEMPO v2 comes with updated software, and is smaller, lighter and more streamlined than the Founder’s Edition.  If you haven’t yet purchased TEMPO, check us out at or on our YouTube channel.  If you did purchase a Founder’s Edition and would like to upgrade, contact us for a special discount code on your TEMPO v2 purchase.

Hit ‘em long and straight!