Our Story

TEMPO was created by an amateur golfer searching for a way to improve his game.  Having the correct tempo on a swing is the most important part of developing an efficient, long and repeatable golf swing.  Tempo describes the timing and duration of all of the different parts of the golf swing. Our inventor first developed an app for the apple watch to guide a golfer through using the right tempo, but the watch buzzer is not strong enough to be easily felt during a golf swing.  The watch buttons were also not positioned correctly to make them easily usable while gripping a club, and the display is in the wrong place. 

Our inventor also wanted a solution that would give him strong feedback both visually and through buzzing (haptic feedback), so that he could practice on a driving range or on the course without bothering others.  This eliminated any other solutions that involved sound or bigger devices to carry around.  Because nothing existing to provide tempo information for each part of the swing in a highly accurate (and also discreet) way, he decided to create his own solution, and TEMPO was born. 

After using TEMPO for a few weeks, his length on every golf shot had improved, his misses were less dramatic, and his overall score improved.  At this point he decided that this is a product that could help every nearly every golfer, and we started this company!