Tempo Band (V2)

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We are now offering the TEMPO Wristbands V2. Each of these has been individually 3-d printed using premium Cheetahflex filament.

Start your countdown to a perfect swing!

  • Improve your game in 10 swings a day
  • Practice anywhere, with or without a ball
  • Lengthen your shots
  • Improve your accuracy
  • Proven Effective


Several parts are included to allow you to properly care for your TEMPO wristband.

Wristband:  The adjustable TEMPO wristband is a sophisticated piece of electronics.  Care should be taken to minimize shock to the wristband, and to keep the wristband protected from water.  TEMPO is NOT waterproof.

Travel Case with Carabiner: In addition to the TEMPO wristband, your purchase includes a case includes a recharging cable and a recharger.   There is a carabiner to attach to your TEMPO case to your golf bag, belt or another convenient location.

Display Insert:  The rubber piece that holds the charger on the top, and the charging cord on the bottom.  The TEMPO wristband wraps around the outside.

Charger:  Plug this into the wall after you have connected the other end to your TEMPO wristband to charge it.

Charging Cord:  This plugs into your TEMPO wristband at one end (the micro USB port), and into the charger at the other end.

Instructions:  This guide will help optimize the use of your TEMPO wristband.

2 reviews for Tempo Band (V2)

  1. Bill Henderson

    Minimalist/futuristic design is very cool. Just used it for the first time, I love it!

  2. Amy Ferris

    Waited for V2 to come out, have used it a few days. I can see a difference in my swing, and it feels natural. Band not the coolest look, but this works.

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