Countdown to a Perfect Swing

With TEMPO on your wrist, it’s hard NOT to swing like a pro!

  • Improve your game in 10 swings a day
  • Practice anywhere, with or without a ball
  • Lengthen your shots
  • Improve your accuracy
  • Proven Effective


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Stop Worrying What’s Wrong

With TEMPO, you automatically swing right

How to Use TEMPO

The Science of a Golf Swing

Scientific studies have proven that the TEMPO golf swing is optimal. Several studies have shown that there is an optimal tempo (ratio of backswing to downswing time) for golfers, and TEMPO utilizes the scientific formulae to provide perfect feedback at several points DURING every swing.

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TEMPO is set for the average speed of a perfect swing. You can also adjust the timing for your own speed.


Take your regular grip. Just lift your thumb and hit the START SWING button.


LED lights on the band sync with vibrations so you see and feel the right tempo. No more rushing your swing or going too short. You know exactly how long to continue your back swing, when to pause, and when to uncoil for top speed, a powerful strike of the ball, and a perfect finish.

“There are a lot of golf gadgets out there. But this one works—and it starts working from the very first time you try it. I guarantee it!”

Mark Gianturco, PhD


See The Difference

  • Hips rotate
  • Arms fall in
  • The swing accelerates
  • Dispersion left-to-right is smaller

See what TEMPO can do for your game, starting immediately. 

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“It takes the ‘self-chatter’ out of my swing. It helps me to loosen up because I feel the sequence of motion and it’s natural. TEMPO really does make it harder to swing wrong.”

Nick K.

Scratch Golfer