How to use the TEMPO Golf

The TEMPO golf band has been designed for simplicity, to allow you to focus on building a swing with perfect tempo.  It has only two buttons, a power button and a swing button.  You wear the TEMPO golf band like a watch on your glove hand.  When worn correctly the power button is on the back of your hand (where a watch face would normally be), and the swing button (and LEDs) are on the inside of your wrist.

This placement allows you to see the LEDs as you prepare to begin your swing while gripping the club.  The swing button is also more easily available positioned on the inside.

After powering on the TEMPO band by firmly pressing the power button, you will see 3 flashes of a GREEN LED to let you know the watch is ready for you to begin your training session.  The flashes will be accompanied by brief buzzing (Haptic feedback).

When you’re ready to swing, you will press the swing button 1 time before each swing.  When the swing button is pressed, the watch will start a 3 second countdown before starting a swing sequence, with a buzz vibration at each 1 second.  3 RED LEDs will light when the swing button is pressed, followed by 2 RED LEDs, then 1 RED LED.  Begin your backswing at the next buzz vibration, which is accompanied by the display of a green “GO” LED.  Continue your backswing, pausing at the top until you feel another buzz begin.  That buzz will continue to vibrate throughout your downswing until you strike the ball.  You should strike the ball exactly as the buzz completes.  Practice following the sequence of feedback, and these timings will become locked in your muscle memory.

You can also adjust the overall swing speed to match your rhythm using TEMPO, and this is described in a separate blog and video.

We have created a short video to show you how to use tempo as described in this blog.  Let us know what you think!