The Science of a Golf Swing

Scientific studies have proven that the TEMPO golf swing is optimal.  Several studies have shown that there is an optimal tempo (ratio of backswing to downswing time) for golfers, and TEMPO utilizes the scientific formulas to provide perfect feedback at several points DURING every swing.  

Harmonic Oscillation

The golf swing is an example of harmonic oscillation (a movement back and forth).  There are also elastic properties associated with the skeletal design and musculature of the human body, and the rotational inertia of the body/club system. These factors combine to produce a mathematical model of timing through a swing that is identical for every single golfer, across clubs, gender, golfer age and golfer skill.

In fact, when measuring the tempo of golfers of both genders and all skill levels, researchers have been able to show something very interesting.  THE BETTER THE GOLFER, THE CLOSER THAT GOLFER’S SWING TEMPO is to the rhythms utilized by our TEMPO product.  In other words, TEMPO is proven to train golfers to learn and ingrain a perfect swing.  

The inventor of TEMPO is an avid golfer himself, and became familiar with the biomechanics of golf through research within the scientific community.   He searched for something to perfect his own swing, but nothing worked. So, he built a simple device that shows what is right – instead of telling you everything wrong, you simply match your swing to what the device guides you to do in real time, on every swing.   After using the device he got results, 5-8yds further on every club, with a much smaller dispersion.  “I’m hitting the farthest and most exactly I have been in my whole life, at 56yo!”