The “Perfect TEMPO” and “Maximum Distance” Programs

Golfers can use TEMPO to maximize the consistency of their current swing, or add distance to their clubs over a period of time.  We have developed 2 programs to make these 2 goals simple to reach.  Both of the programs (Perfect Tempo and Maximum Distance) use TEMPO to train your muscles to deliver an optimal golf strike on the ball.

Perfect TEMPO

The Perfect TEMPO program simply grooves your TEMPO for an optimal ball strike, using your natural swing speed.  To initially groove your swing, you use TEMPO for 5-10 minutes per day for a week.  After the initial period, you use TEMPO any time you feel that you need a refresher, whether on the range, during a round, or at home (with or without a club or ball).  Another blog, “The 7 Parts of the Perfect TEMPO Swing”, shows how to use all of the TEMPO feedback correctly throughout every swing.

Maximum Distance

The Maximum Distance program has added from 7mph to 10mph of swing speed to our users who have completed it and reported back to us.  It works simply by incrementally decreasing a user’s total swing time while maintaining proper tempo throughout the swing, resulting in a faster yet controlled swing.  Because of this, accuracy is maintained while increasing the club speed at the point of impact.  

Week 1:  When you start the Maximum Distance program, you measure your initial backswing speed with TEMPO, and then TEMPO allows you to practice an optimal swing at your normal swing speed.  Refer to our “Customize Your Tempo Speed” video ( for instructions on setting up TEMPO for your own swing speed.   After a week of TEMPO use, this optimal sequence for your speed should feel very natural to you.

Week 2-6:  Take a “Maximum Distance” TEMPO measurement once a week.  The normal TEMPO measurement (“Customize Your TEMPO Speed” at includes measuring the momentary pause (or transition) between your backswing and downswing.  For the Maximum Distance program, ONLY measure the time from the start to the end of your backswing.  START timing when the club STARTS moving back, and STOP timing when the club STOPS moving back.  DO NOT wait for the club to start moving forward to STOP timing.  This is a shorter TEMPO measurement, and will set all of the feedback cues for a slightly faster swing.  Practice at this new speed for a week.  Try to swing least 5-10 times every day.  Then for each following week, take the “Maximum Distance” measurement again, and your swing speed will be slightly increased for the next week of training.

At the conclusion of this training, you will see that not only are you hitting the ball further, but you are also contacting the ball much more consistently!